You are your medicine.

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Come as you are.
I look forward to understanding the history of your complaints in the context of the story of your life.


My prices are on a sliding scale: according to your personal budget and willingness to pay.
The intention is that a wider range of people can have access to the benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine.


  • Intake, Treatment Plan, Check-in | 120 minutes | €100 - €160

Massages & Treatments

  • Abhyanga | 80 minutes | €80 - €110
  • Udvartana | 80 minutes | €80 - €110
  • Local treatment series | 3x30 minutes | €90 - €135
  • Local treatment | 1x45 minutes | €45 - €80


An in-depth scan of how  & why you are feeling now, physically and mentally and what are supportive practices and remedies helpful to your unique situation. Sessions are In person (preferably) or online. I am interested in listening to and understanding your daily eating habits, your state of digestion, sleep and exercise routine, your work life balance and anything else you and I will think is relevant to share. Our main goal is to find the root cause of your complaints so that we treat both symptoms and the root cause. And I say we because it’s a common effort, a journey we undertake together and we need as much me and Ayurveda as we need you, and your reflections. We are both responsible and actively involved in the process of your healing. This is the solid and empowering foundation. A foundation from which a sense of freedom and trust will grow.

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In classical reasoning an Ayurvedic massage is much more a therapeutic intervention with some ‘engineering’ aspects. The type of massage or treatment, oils or spices selected will depend on your complaints, constitution and the season we are in. As your skin is the largest sense organ of your physique, applying any warm substance to it, by means of touch, will enhance your overall awareness of your body and its sensations. Moreover, it strongly and positively affects your psychosomatic wellbeing i.e. connection body-mind.Thus, by treating your skin your mind receives a subtle treat as well.

Massages are either part of your treatment plan or may be booked independently. If the latter is the case, prior to each appointment there is a 15 mins intake call to explore what you need and how I can be of help.

I look forward to welcoming you in my space.

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As an additional service, I have experience with massage sessions as an integrated part of longer retreats. Depending on the program and number of people attending your event, I can join you fully equipped on my own or with my colleague, who also has valuable experience in different types of massaging techniques. Our main approach is Ayurvedic Massage Therapy, with either warm medicinal oils or spices integrated with Marma Points or specific local treatments. The ultimate purpose is to have a person leave our tables feeling nourished and cared for. Happy to share more so please reach out to see if/how we can add value to your retreat.

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The intention of the events I will be hosting is to provide a container of intellectual and experiential learning for both you and me. The atmosphere I like to work in is the one of a community and co-creation because I believe coming together fosters not only your deeper understanding of a specific topic but very much my own as well.

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