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My name is Alexandra Silagyi, born and bread in a small Transylvanian village, in Western Romania. What follows is my personal story so far, distilled in roughly 509 words. It is a 2 minute read. Please take this as a gesture of connection with you rather than a statement of self-importance.

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I left my home country in the pursuit of better and brighter on the outside - in 2009. Just to come back years later, in 2014, to understand that what I was seeking was to be found on the inside. The untamed, utterly simple in its complexity and quiet place I had been going back to was so uncomfortably silent that I could not distract myself from … myself anymore. It pushed me to feel and hear myself – to feel the disconnection from my body, the restlessness of my mind, the grief and the longing for something lost. Last I felt fully comfortable with that type of silence had been when I was walking up the hill to church on Sunday mornings, as a little girl. Or when all the family got together to collect grapes in autumn. Or when I would hear my footsteps crackling on the fresh snow while pulling on my sleigh. Or when I would roll through the meadows filled with daisies and dandelions in spring. Or when climbing in the cherry tree to indulge in its sweet abundance in the summer while hearing the birds sing in the background.

So, when life got hard as a student in the big city of Vienna I ran back to Romania because that is where my nervous system felt safe and connected. When I moved to Amsterdam and gave birth to my son, I ran back to Romania to integrate that. When my daughter arrived, I ran back to Romania. When heartache hit, I of course ran back to my safe haven to find answers. When I felt lonely, I did run there, to that faraway place on the outside where I thought my wellbeing was. Until life invited me to find that sense of safety and connection on the inside, with me, in the here and now. It has not been a gentle invitation, there has been a wide range of emotional and physical discomforts and pains involved. I am still in the process of regeneration and reintegration. Ayurveda has played an important role for me in clarifying how health is only possible when there is understanding of and willingness to connect with what is here and now, within and without. And what is needed to integrate and harmonize the dynamic reality. It’s a lifelong journey of repetition: from harmony to disharmony to repair. Over and over again. No shortcuts. No magic pills. No magic solutions. It is dedicated work. It is also why Ayurveda considers it supportive to live with the seasons in terms of what we eat and what we do. Nature is a teacher, and its processes are close to our human condition. We are cycling together through the same phases, again and again while the aim is to simply find comfort in what is inside and outside: the noise or the silence, the city or the village, the winter or the summer, the joy or the sorrow. Anywhere and, well, always would be ideal but as often as possible seems realistic.

How can i be of help?

*medicine | from Latin medicus meaning physician which actually also translates from Latin as nature, natural, all things relating nature

One Medicine WoMan was created to help you understand yourself in your current reality and remember your nature which is desirous of a thriving life. Without prejudice but with curiosity and on all levels of body, mind and spirit. And to reassure you that you have and can find the medicine to regenerate and heal because it starts with you. You are your medicine*. “One” stands for one amongst the 7,97 billion wo/men out here seeking for their ways to heal.

I will not have all the answers you need. That remains a journey worth a lifetime, at least. However, I will for sure source for you helpful, creative suggestions and advice from the wisdom of Ayurveda, complementary disciplines and, inevitably, personal life experience. All tailored to you, your unique situation, needs and possibilities.

So, come as you are. I look forward to understanding your complaints’ history in the context of your life story,


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